Saturday, February 19, 2011

 The morning started off with kisses and hugs and even a few growls and snarls(from those not wanting to wake up at O'dark:30.

We all meet at the Church office and Kevin Prayed over us and sent us on our way.

I have a confession. I made a decision to follow Christ and believe God will protect us on this trip. I understand if you are scratching your head over that statement. Let me explain........

A couple of years ago on our first trip to this area. News traveled through the STM community that supplies were being seized at the Guatemala customs. The team that summer decided not to wear their team shirts and not identify themselves as missionaries. I have nothing to say about that. except I believed that was the right move to make. The following winter we did the same thing. And the following summer the same thing. This winter It struck me. BAM. Did I not believe that God would protect us? Did I not believe that if God wants us to have those items, He will have us have them?

I told our team at the packing party that I felt if we were too scared to wear our team shirts and identify ourselves openly as missionaries, then we do not trust God to provide for and protect us. I left the option open to wear or not to wear. I wore my team shirt along with 3 others on the team.

When our plane landed in Guatemala, we did as we always do. Walk down to immigration, and then to baggage claim. We all stayed together as a group. After all bags were claimed we headed to customs as a group. Walking up to the customs agent, she asked " are you carrying any toys, medical supplies, or merchandise. I answered truthfully fully disclosing everything we had. She asked if we were missionaries, I answered truthfully. She asked what bag the medical supplies were in. I pointed to Heather Coopers red bag. She opened the gate and sent the entire team minus Heather Cooper heading for the door. Heather was out within 3 minutes. She reported that they opened the bag glanced at the contents and quickly zipped it back up.

I truly believe that when you put 100% of your trust in God to get you through something. He will. although sometimes it is not your way, but his way you get through.

Outside the door we were warmly welcomed by Gloria of OO and Josue( he was picking someone up and happened to be there).

The team is away in their rooms, sleeping, awaiting what today will bring. 
I already know.
God will change things on us, We need to trust Him. We need to believe He will get us through.
His way.

Please pray for Josue our driver, That his attention to the road and safety is high.
Please pray for Cesar and Gloria of OO. They will officially join or team  today.
Please pray for Mary, Pastor Diego's wife. She has been ill for sometime now.
Please pray for Diego and his church. Brother Tomas and his church plant.
Please pray for our team, we have a long drive tomorrow.

In Peace, because of our Lord Jesus Christ


  1. I love your answer there Barrett. You are right, your day is planned but God will most likely change things. So happy things, went smoothly at customs. Have a great day. Looking forward to the next post and praying for the team.

  2. Praise God! I have been praying and praying - I just know that God is going to protect this team and doing amazing things. God is with you all and we here back at home are lifting you all up daily...several times daily for the duration of the trip!