Sunday, February 20, 2011

dAy2 of fish and bread

dAy 2 and it is a go.

The team had breakfast and checked out of our rooms. Cesar (our translator for the 3rd time) meet us in the Lobby and introduced us to his sister Carol.

After a quick intro to the team we rolled our luggage out to the coaster bus.

We boarded and headed to the local version of Sam's club/ Costco store. This is where we are buying the items for the families we are building houses for. Some pantry staples and a few kitchen/dinning items.

We had Alex recording the cost of each item as we put them in the carts, in order to stay close to our budget for this purchase. When we hit our budget we decided to go check out. The checker rang-up all of our purchases and the total came to barely over half of our budget. ?????

I checked Alex's math. His math was spot on.

Gloria blurted out that God was multiplying the blessing!!!! (in a Gloria kind of way, if you know her)

So we grabbed another cart and headed back into the store. Armed with the the left over money from the first go-round. We started filling the cart with new items and a new list of the cost of each item. When we achieved our budget  we turned around and headed for the check-out.

Rang-up all of our items and this time we got all the items we that we could not get the first go round.

We jumped on the coaster and hit the road for a long trip to Santiago Atitlan,

Once in Santiago, we checked into the hotel and waited for Pastor Diego to come and meet the team.

In all it was a good drive with a relaxing evening. preparing ourselves for the work of the week ahead.

Please have Pastor Diego's wife, Mary in prayer. She has been ill for awhile.
Please have in prayer Josue's wife. She is ill also.

May the peace of our Lord be upon you all

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